When we stop growing, stagnation and boredom can often set in.  Learn about the 5 types of people to surround yourself with that tend to boost your learning and growth.




Stagnation and boredom can happen quickly if we don’t find ways to keep growing.  So the question is, who have you got in your life that you’re learning from?

Hey Everyone, it’s Dr.  Karen Kendrick, and welcome back to Mastery Now. 

This has been a really busy time for me right now because I’m right in the middle of getting ready for the end of the year and planning out all those things you need to do between now and December 31, as well as going through some remodeling projects at home.  So it’s been a little bit chaotic around here, but I definitely wanted to get you this quick episode because it’s a topic that I’m really passionate about, and that is how you can continue to learn and grow based on the types of people that you have around you. 

You know, when you think about it, when you were back in school, you probably were getting exposed to a lot of different types of people and you had more chances to be in that learning and growing mode all the time.  But maybe as you start to move more into routines and you’re around a lot of the same people every day, sometimes learning and growing can slow down a little bit.

You know, learning and growing really keeps your brain active and helps you be more challenged and resilient and confident.  And best of all, it does tend to help you feel more passionate and alive.  You know, when we’re learning and growing and getting exposed to new things or learning new things, that’s exciting.  And that’s why we want to have people in our life that can contribute to that. 

So I want to give you five types of people to seek out that I think are great at helping you grow and learn organically just by being around them, by interacting with them.  Now, some of these people you may meet just, you know, through your natural course of networking with people or at work or interacting or whatever.  But however you find them, these types of people are great at continuing to help you stretch and learn and grow. 

So the first type of person that I think can really help you grow a lot are people who are natural “connectors.”  These are people who like to circulate in a lot of different circles.  They’re always meeting new people.  They have a huge set of people that they know.  They’re good at making introductions.  They always know somebody when you have an issue that can help you with something because they’re just so well-connected and they naturally love putting people together.  That’s kind of their thing. 

My guess is you probably have some of these people in your life right now, or maybe you’re even one of these people.  You know them when you see them because they’re always talking about the other people that they know and their friends and their friends of friends, etc.  But they’re just naturally people that like to reach out and know a lot of people.  And so I think these are great types of people to have in your life because again, they get you more exposure to different types of people with different backgrounds to help you expand your perspective and your horizons and just get exposed to new things. 

The second type of person that can help you grow a lot are what I call “early adopters.” These are people that tend to be tech savvy.  They are always into the latest gadgets and trends.  They’re up on new fads or new diets or whatever’s hot or what’s happening or what’s fashionable or the quickest fastest way to do something.  These people are great with that.  They tend to naturally gravitate to whatever is going to help things get done faster or what’s the better way to do something.

So I think these are also great people to have in your life, especially maybe if you’re needing help with technology or you need a better way to do something.  These people are great to tap into, but they also tend to teach you a lot because they’re telling you what the current trend is.  Or they’re helping you be exposed again to what’s the latest and greatest. 


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Now the third type of person that’s great to have in your life are “adventure seekers.” In other words, people who tend to love and crave new experiences.  These are the type of people who don’t like to go to the same restaurant every week or go on vacation to the same destination every year.  They don’t like to necessarily have just the same old people over for dinner once every couple of months. 

But they really want to have different and new and growth-enhancing types of experiences.  The idea is that they want to create great memories, have these great adventures, and really get you outside your comfort zone.  These are super helpful I think, to stretch you and grow you in new directions. 

Now, the fourth type of person to have in your life that’s great to help you grow are what I call “truth tellers.”   Now these are people who just are good at giving you the honest feedback when you need it.  In other words, they tend to call you out on your issues.  They don’t let you just slide on things that you may be doing that you may know that you’re not really doing as great as you can.  But they’re going to hold up the mirror.  They’re going to tell you what the real deal is. 

These are also great people to get advice from when you’re stuck.  Or when you’re trying to move forward on something, you’re struggling with something.   Because they’re always going to have your best interests at heart.  But they’re also going to tell you the real truth. 

So important to have those people in your life that value feedback.  They value growth and learning.  They value letting you really be able to better see yourself, whether it’s your blind spots or what you may need to work on.  But they’re not going to sugarcoat things so much.  That doesn’t mean they’re not compassionate, but they are just willing to tell you the honest, unvarnished truth to really help you. 

And that brings us to the fifth and final type of person that I think is great to have in your life are people who I just call “learning junkies.” You know, they tend to be people who are always reading.  They’re always getting new information.  They tend to be well read.  They read a lot of newspapers or online news or whatever.  They may be taking online courses of some sort. 

But they’re also telling you about what they’re learning.  They tend to be people who get into the details.  They like facts.  They like figures.  They like sharing what they’re learning about.  I mean, whether it’s something even as simple as taking a cooking class or a dancing class or whatever, but they tend to be people who naturally like to learn and grow and they focus on that. 

And so they are people that are great to be around because they are sharing that information.  And again, it’s helping stimulate you, helping you learn and helping you grow too. 

So I hope this was helpful as you think about all these different types of ways that you can grow and learn.  Whether it’s through people or new technology and new habits.  By having broader experiences.  By getting the feedback that you need.  Or by getting additional knowledge.   

Those are all different ways to grow and learn.  And these different types of people, whether they’re connectors or early adopters or adventure seekers or truth tellers or learning junkies, all of these types of personalities can add so much to the richness and growth in your life.

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