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How to Build Your Personal Brand

Chanel. BMW. FedEx. What do these companies have in common? They all have strong, memorable brands. Their names immediately invoke certain images and impressions. But if you’re not a company or celebrity, do you need to build a personal brand? Well, if you think of your “brand” as the impression that people have of you, wouldn’t you want to be proactive in creating and controlling it?

Learn the 5 steps to creating a strong personal brand.

8 Things You Must Provide as a Leader

With so much of the world evolving and so many crises right now, the need for good leadership is at a peak.  This is coming at a time when there’s so much cynicism and skepticism about whether our leaders are really up to the task and whether they have our best interests at heart. 

So, if you’re struggling to keep your people motivated and committed, learn 8 things you must provide as a leader to boost their loyalty, trust, and engagement.

Dream Teams: How to Build Your Ultimate Secret Weapon

A dream team is a special group of people that come together to achieve extraordinary results. Many of the most successful people have figured out the benefit of creating their own personal dream team. You may already have a variety of people in your life that support you in various ways. But the question is, could you be creating something even more magical with some strategic selections that take your life or work to a whole new level?

Learn the 7 steps to building an effective dream team to support your life and work.

The 7 Most Important Things to Know About Yourself

If you’ve been a student of personal development or positive psychology or success habits for any length of time, you’ve probably been hearing about the importance of knowing yourself. Researchers of emotional intelligence and leadership and executive performance have all pointed to self-awareness as a critical skill. And yet, how many of us really know ourselves that well?

Learn the 7 most vital areas of self-knowledge that can transform your life.

How to Have More Influence and Impact

No matter what your background or job is, the ability to influence and have an impact is a useful skill. Whether you are in a formal leadership role, volunteering at a charity, or just shopping for a new car, the skills of influence can help you.

Uncover the 7 strategies for boosting your influence and impact skills.

The Secret to Giving Advice

Getting people to listen to your advice is often a challenge and requires some finesse. It’s not uncommon for the listener to reject or dismiss what you’re saying or get defensive if it’s not delivered in the right way.

Learn the secret to giving advice in a way that is most likely to be successful.

8 Mistakes That Managers Make

The art and science of managing people can be one of the most challenging skills for any manager to learn. One of the biggest reasons for this is that many managers don’t seem to enjoy having to manage people and don’t take the time to get good at it. And yet, when done well, effective people management can drastically boost the performance of any team, department, or company.

Learn the 8 common manager mistakes and how to avoid them.



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