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One Mindset for Solving a Problem

If you’re dealing with a tough problem right now or trying to solve a conflict in a relationship, I know it can be easy to get tunnel vision and go down one path and one way of thinking about something and get entrenched in your point of view.

Discover one simple mindset that can help you solve problems more effectively.

Discover one idea for dealing with others you find difficult that can help alleviate stress and conflict.

Dealing with Difficult People

We all have days when we get frustrated with other people.   It’s natural to run out of patience sometimes. But there is something you can try doing that can make a big difference when these situations come up.

Discover one idea for dealing with others you find difficult that can help alleviate stress and conflict.

The Secret to Giving Advice

Getting people to listen to your advice is often a challenge and requires some finesse. It’s not uncommon for the listener to reject or dismiss what you’re saying or get defensive if it’s not delivered in the right way.

Learn the secret to giving advice in a way that is most likely to be successful.

How to Be More Promotable and Marketable

There are always more things you can do to make yourself more valuable to employers and in the job marketplace. These include things like increasing your technical skills, volunteering for high visibility special projects, getting more education, and working for companies with a good brand. But it starts with one basic strategy that everyone should use, regardless of industry or profession.

Learn one of the most effective things you can do to boost your promotability and marketability.

A Simple Protocol for Diagnosing Motivation

Many of us struggle at one point or another with staying motivated. While there are many strategies for addressing this, the best approach is to start by really understanding the underlying causes of your lack of motivation.

Discover the simple method for diagnosing your motivation that can help you move forward and get back on track.

The Necessary Mindset of High-Achievers

Many beliefs can fuel your success and productivity. High-performing people use a variety of them to take on tough goals, stay focused and motivated, and overcome obstacles.

Learn one of the fundamental mindsets that high-achievers use that drives what they accomplish.



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